Liverpool John Moores University


Our city and our university stand tall together. We have grown from the confident, ambitious origins of Liverpool and have a shared history built on working hard, caring about supporting people and communities and being proud of who we are.We have a distinct place in this lively city with our warm, friendly and open people. We share a spirit of adventure with a community striving to make a difference and put something back.

Our staff, students and alumni are the beating heart of this university, with an impact that goes beyond academic, economic and social measures. It can be seen in our physical footprint around the city, our global connections and how often you will meet someone who has been transformed by a connection with our university and has helped transform the lives of others.

Making a difference is what a university should be about. It is what we are about. It is who we are. It is Liverpool John Moores University.

Address Exchange station, Liverpool L2 2QP, United Kingdom
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For Boys + Girls (Co-ed)
Type Private
Hostel Yes


Course Intake Duration Fee
1) BBA Human Resource Management 3 Year0.00
2) B.Sc Nursing 4 Year0.00
3) B.A Music 3 Year0.00
4) BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication) 3 Year0.00
5) B.Tech Environmental Engineering 4 Year0.00
6) B.Sc Forensic Science 3 Year0.00
7) B.P.Ed. 3 Year0.00
8) B.Com International Accounting & Finance 3 Years0.00
9) B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) 4 Years0.00
10) B.Tech Civil Engineering 4 Years0.00
11) Bachelor in Business Economics 3 Year0.00
12) Bachelor in Design (B.Des) 4 Year0.00
13) B.A Criminology 3 Year0.00
14) BBA Financial Management 3 Year0.00
15) LLB (Bachelor of Law) 3 Years0.00
16) B.A History 3 Year0.00
17) B.A Sociology 3 Year0.00
18) B.Sc Chemistry 3 Year0.00
19) B.Sc 3 Year0.00
20) B.Sc Biochemistry 3 Year0.00
21) B.Sc Biological Science 3 Year0.00
22) B.Sc Mathematic 3 Year0.00
23) BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) 3 Year0.00
24) B.Sc Zoology 3 Years0.00
25) B.A Geography 3 Year0.00
26) B.Sc Anthropology 3 Year0.00
27) Bachelor in Architecture (B.Arch) 5 Year0.00
28) B.Sc Biotechnology 3 Year0.00
29) M.Pharma 2 Years0.00
30) Graphic 1 Years0.00
31) Master in Architect (M.Arch) 2 Years0.00
32) M.Sc Child Health Nursing 2 Years0.00
33) Diploma in Dramatic Arts 1 Year0.00
34) Diploma in Foods & Nutrition 6 Months0.00
35) PG Diploma Criminal Law 1-3 Years0.00
36) Event Management 3 Year0.00
37) General Nursing 3.5 Years0.00
38) Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry 5 Years0.00
39) Screen Writing 00.00
40) Paramedical 4 Years0.00

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